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Popular Node.js Frameworks for developing Web Applications

Popular Node.js Frameworks for developing Web Applications

Most businesses go online not only to provide the best services in the market but also to match the market trends with their competitors in this bad season. Therefore, the need for a framework for Node.js Web Application Development entered the picture to meet all the needs of the web application by 2021.

This web application development framework uses an unstructured event I/O model and makes it simple and powerful, ideal for powerful applications that run on distributed devices in real time. Node.js application development is a V8 JavaScript Chrome supported time frame for precise and fast builds and mounting network applications. As a result, getting used to JavaScript is easy in machine language which provides coding much faster.

Why should you use Node.js for building Web Applications?

Node.js is a perfect platform for business which has goal to indulge in the real-time app and cross-platform environment. In web app development, Node.js plays a big role. From past some years, due to the high demand for web applications, Node.js has become one of the most common languages, which has led to increased employment of Node.js Developers by Web application Development Companies.

As the market emerges faster there is a huge increase in technology and advanced software which is why it makes the Hiring Node.js Developers an organizational need that will improve the web apps making the results bigger for the organization. here we consider Advantages and Disadvantages of using Node.js. Have a look!

Advantages of Node.js

  • Easily Scalable
  • Quickly under stable
  • High performance
  • Common programming language

Disadvantages of Node.js

  • API changing
  • Library Support issue
  • asynchronous programming model

When building a real-time app, Full-Stack MVC frameworks are used which offers a wide range of scaffolding, libraries, template search engines, and a wide range of other development capabilities. Additionally, they can take care of both frontend and backend of web applications. In this blog, we light up the Top 6 Node.js Frameworks for Web Apps in 2021.

  • Koa.js

Koa.js - A platform for the Node.js server that works wonders when creating different APIs. This Koa.js framework provides so-called generators that help prevent incoming calls and construct node constructively.

In addition, the framework reverses Node errors constructively. You can save multiple types of content for users with the same URL. This includes translating the page, personalizing content on eCommerce websites, having a variety of image formats, and much more about this framework.

Another advantage of using Koa.js is that it is almost identical to Express.js. You can enjoy the flexibility of the Express with more freedom and less difficulty while coding with Koa. This helps to reduce the magnitude of errors throughout the application stack.

Features of Koa.js:

  • Koa.js has Customizable & Futuristic framework;
  • Can handle errors exceptionally;
  • Normalises node inconsistencies clean
  • Removes cache, supports content negotiation;

  • Express.js

Express.js is a framework for coding architecture. And there is no doubt to put it first at top of the list. Express.js does not require you to be overly involved in a learning curve. A basic understanding of Node.js nature and editing skills will suffice. Express.js was officially launched in 2010. The Express.js is fast, solid, and well-designed design works well with Node.js.

Features of Express.js:

  • Available grounds for API generation;
  • Can develop web apps faster;
  • High performance;
  • Better content negotiation;
  • MVC Architectural pattern;

  • Sails.js

Sails.js is a most suitable framework resembles the MVC architecture pattern from frameworks such as Ruby on Rails to build high-end customized applications. It is also a frontend-agnostic-backend platform uses Express for HTTP requests and for WebSockets and to allow integration with npm modules. Mainly, The Sails.js is used for making custom, enterprise-scale Node.js applications.

Sails.js Features:

  • Reusable security policies
  • Frontend Agnostic
  • Object Relational Mapping with databases for framework compatibility
  • Auto-generate REST APIs

  • is a full-stack JavaScript library that provides a simple and clear API that interacts with virtually & uses many programming languages. With this JavaScript library –, you can build real-time apps and establishing communication between web clients and servers. If we consider Whatsapp (chat application) continuously run for live updates and refresh the background process Features:

  • Multiplexing support
  • Reliability
  • Binary support
  • Auto-reconnection support
  • It considers client and server-side development with similar APIS

  • Nest.js

To build an enterprise-grade framework, use Nest.js framework which supports a large variety of libraries. Also, this framework preserves compatibility with a JavaScript subset and sticks to the clean-code architecture. Moreover, Nest.js offers excellent integration with sister frameworks like Express.js. Nest.js is the best combination of object-oriented and functional programming. Also, the Nest.js takes advantage of the new JavaScript features.

Nest.js Features:

  • Modular structure & features
  • Smooth learning curve
  • Code arrangement in external libraries
  • High compatibility with Angular

  • Hapi.js

Hapi.js - open-source framework & available server for web apps. Also it works in developing more secure, scalable, real-time, and social media apps and other desktop applications.

Hapi.js Features:

  • Compatible with MySQL and other databases
  • Compatible with Rest APIs
  • Scalable applications
  • Rich ecosystem
  • Minimal overhead
  • Secure defaults

Wrapping up!

It is very beneficial for developers to make Chat application using Node.js. With continuous technology, assessing project requirements and availability of resources is essential in selecting the right framework that brings the best results. Getting started using Node.js during operation is very easy for them. So, if you are one of the App developers, it is time to consider moving to Node.js because that is where the near future lies as it can save both organizations money and time.


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